UX/UI Design

We design responsive user interfaces targeting the latest browsers for desktop and mobile application browser compatibility. Our design process is user centric and focuses on producing user interfaces that are clean, simple and in accordance to the WCAG design standards.
For clients with design needs requiring legal compliance, we provide design services adhering to Section 508 compliance and United States Web Design System (USWDS) federal guidelines.

Full Stack Development

Full-stack development is one of our core competencies and competitive strengths. Having delivered mission critical applications in the federal space, we understand the in's and out's of full-stack development. We are well versed in .Net/.Net Core development and building scalable sophisticated user interfaces in Angular and ReactJS.

AWS Development

Our AWS developers are skilled in developing for the AWS cloud. Have an existing on premise application needing migration to the cloud? We can help you develop a successful migration strategy for moving your on premise system to the cloud and provide you with the necessary tools to understand the process and costs vs benefits of cloud migrations.

Solutions Architecture

Designing enterprise applications begins with architecture. Clean scalable architecture is the cornerstone of building software that meets the business needs and produces measurable value for users. We first prioritize understanding our clients IT infrastructure, then deliver an architectural solution that encapsulates the best blend of value and scalability to meet our clients business needs.

System Migration/Modernization

With multiple system modernization and .Net Migrations under our belt in the mission critical federal space, we understand the challenges posed in modernizing legacy systems while preserving the functionality existing users have come to expect. We also understand the technical hurdles presented in successfully migrating .Net standard applications to .Net Core.

Project Management

No project is successful without proper management and process controls in place. That's where our project management and agile methedology expertise comes in. With certified project managers (PMP) and scrums masters (CSM) on hand, we help lead and coach clients in proper agile methodology adoption and implementation in their organization; as well as identify key areas of their project processes which can benefit from redesign and KPI improvements.


From CI/CD to Octopus deployment configuration, we know all about setting up efficient DevOps infrastructure, code branching and deployment strategies. We look for areas of our clients DevOps processes that can be improved and automated to help facilitate improved successful release cycles so developers can get shippable features out the door faster! With expertise in Azure DevOps, MS Build and Octopus deployment pipeline configuration, let us develop a DevOps strategy that will drive successful release cycles and value generation for your IT infrascture.